Being A Responsible Pet Owner 2

It’s February and love is in the air! So what better way to show our pets some love than by celebrating National Responsible Pet Owners Month!

This month we should all take the time to ensure we are being the most outstanding caregivers to our critters and I have 5 tips to do just that!

1. Just what the Doctor ordered!
It’s a new year, which means we should be taking our Critters for a check up! Make sure all of your vaccinations are up to date and confirm that your pet is happy and healthy. If you remain positive abut each and every vet visit, your critter is sure to be as happy to be there as this guy!

2. Splish Splash!
Not all pets are thrilled to be groomed but animal hygiene is incredibly important. Keeping their nails trimmed properly, making sure their coats are clean and free of mats, as well as cleaning around the ears, eyes, and paws will keep your critter safe from mites, fleas, and other external parasites! And what better month to arrange a relaxing bubble bath?

3. Walk it off!
Almost all of us resolve to get in better shape around this time and good old-fashioned exercise is crucial for our pets as well. Lack of exercise in canines can result in obesity; heart problems and can lead to destructive behavior. Pick an exercise routine that works for both of you!

4. Nom, nom, nom!
A critters diet is also a very important aspect of being a responsible pet owner. We tend to put a lot of thought into deciding what we eat but often overlook our pets diets. Choosing healthy and nutritious meals for our critters keep them happy. Just ask this little guy:

5. Friends Fur-ever!
Being a responsible pet owner isn’t hard. The most important thing to remember is to simply love your critter! If you offer them a safe and happy environment and a place in your heart, then you can do no wrong in their eyes! Now go cuddle!

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