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This past week I had the pleasure of attending a pet behavior workshop and during one of many presentations I found myself introduced to something called Kitty Kindergarten. At first glance, I couldn’t piece together the concept of Kitty Kindergarten but all of a sudden it hit me. Of coarse there’s such a thing as Kindergarten for Kittens! If there is Doggy Daycare and Puppy School then there has to be a kitty equivalent! I then decided to do some research to get more acquainted with this idea to be able to share it all with you!


What is Kitty Kindergarten?

Kitty Kindergarten began as the brainchild of Kersti Seksel; an Australian Veterinary Behaviorist who wanted a way to train and socialize cats at a young age. This popular concept has since spread around the world. Kitty Kindergarten is offered in many different cities by many different trainers who all agree on the importance of cat socialization, training, and learning how to read cat behavior.


Why Kitty Kindergarten?

I know how beneficial taking your dog to puppy class is and it’s just as important for your kitty. Do you know a cat that hides under the bed when someone comes to visit or has to be sedated to get his or her nails cut? Getting your cat used to these strange undertakings at an early age is the key to a well-rounded pet. Your cat will be happier living a stress free life as well!

A typical Kitty Kindergarten class will run about two weeks and usually applies to kitten between the ages of 7-12 weeks old. The course will cover important aspects of daily cat life such as crate training, and grooming but can also include some fun stuff like targeting to help with things like litter box training!

A lot of people think cats are quite aloof but when properly socialized as kittens, you have the ability to introduce your cat to a whole new world. The classes aren’t just for your critter though! You will definitely benefit as well! Teaching your cat to be okay with being handled and meeting other cats and dogs will make future ventures, such as vet visits, less of a headache for you. It’s also a great bonding experience!


After learning more and more about Kitty Kindergarten I feel as though I can’t recommend it enough! Meeting other cat lovers, having fun and bonding with kitty as well as learning valuable training tips is the purrrfect way to begin you and your kittens journey together.

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3 thoughts on “Discover Kitty Kindergarten!

  • Michele

    I am picking up my Bengal kitten on May 25thand she will be 8 weeks old. I have a puppy that is almost 10 weeks old and I wanted them to grow up together. I love the idea of kitten kindergarten and would love some information like where it’s held and how much it is. I have sent you another email regarding your puppy obedience class so I look forward to hearing from you regarding both of these. My kitten’s name will be Jynx!