The Importance of Regular Nail Trims

We all know the importance of regular grooming and taking care of ourselves, but sometimes we can overlook these things in our animals.

Nail trims are an important aspect of grooming. Keeping our animals’ nails neatly trimmed prevents any discomfort or irritations in the critter’s paws. Ideally you should be getting your dog or cat’s nails cut every two weeks, especially in the winter months when walks become less frequent. Regular walks on hard surfaces such as concrete sidewalks allow the nails to naturally file down.

Problems can arise if we leave an animal’s nails unattended for too long. The nail can curl under and into the pad causing pain and irritation. It can also lead to broken toes. Trimming your pet’s nails at home can sometimes be difficult, especially if your animal doesn’t like having their paws touched. It may also be difficult if they have dark coloured nails, as this makes it harder to see the quick; the pink inner part of the nail that provides the blood supply to the nail. The quick is very sensitive and, if cut, tends to bleed a lot, just like our fingernails. It is important, however, to trim the nails as close to the quick as possible as this allows the quick to recede, making the nail shorter and shorter each trim until it’s at the best length for your animal!

Another option is to bring your furry friend to a professional. There are a lot of groomers out there that can work with you to make nails trims a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

During my puppy classes, I like to teach body handling at a young age so that puppies get used to us touching areas like their feet. This will definitely help with nail trims down the road!

Our critters are a very important part of our lives and since they can’t always tell us what they are feeling it’s our job to make sure they are taken care of!

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