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With the holiday season just around the corner we can start looking forward to family visits, decorations, and holiday baking, but we also know it can get pretty hectic. This is especially true for our cats…you know…the one’s who would rather hide in the attic for the whole month of December than come out and visit with your seemingly infinite amount of guests! Here are some tips to ensure that your kitten’s holiday is just as much fun and comfortable as ours!

1. Create a Critter Cave.
Your cat will thank you for giving it its own space away from all of the merry mania. We always moved our family cat, Bingo, into the laundry room when guests stayed with us. She loved all the places there were to hide and no strangers ever bothered her there. Just remember to move the litter box too!

2. Pass on Poinsettias.
Poinsettias and mistletoe are poisonous to cats, so if you love having these plants around for the holidays, make sure they’re out of reach of curious kittens. If your cat is still interested, try purchasing a spray like bitter cherry or apple to mist on any plants you wish for kitty to avoid. Animal deterrent sprays are non-toxic and safe to use on plants and animals. You can pick these sprays up at your local pet supply store.

3. Dependable Decor.
Make sure all your decorations are cat proof. Tinsel is frequently ingested by cats during the season and can result in unwanted, emergency vet visits. Also be sure to keep your critters from chewing on light cords. You can use the pet spray here as well.

4. Dinner Diets.
We all love to give our critters table scraps but make sure you’re not overfeeding them. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, especially if you have a lot of generous guests! Our foods can contain a lot of fat and sodium which isn’t good for kitty. Their digestive systems work differently than ours and it doesn’t take much to upset their stomachs, not to mention it isn’t fun to clean up after them! If you want to spoil them a bit, get them some homemade cat treats!

Follows these tips to ensure your cat will feel safe and at home even during these somewhat hectic times!

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One thought on “Healthy living- Cats during holidays

  • Amy

    I find using the tin icicles instead of tinsel gives the glitter without the mess, danger to kitty and it can be reused year after year! Also, its a good idea to secure your tree with some wire, to prevent it from falling over when curious kittens try to go for a climb! LOL