How to Host a Pet Party!

What is a Pet Party?

Simple! Is it your Kitty’s birthday? Do you want to socialize your new puppy? Just want an excuse to party with your furry friends? A pet party is a party for your pet! Celebrate them with a day full of treats, cake, toys, games, friends and more! Trust me, it’ll be just as much fun for you as it will be for them!



What’s a good theme?

Like I said before: it really doesn’t matter what your excuse is to have a party. Just make sure that you plan accordingly. If it’s a party for your cat, make sure you only invite a few guests. Cat’s are territorial by nature and don’t necessarily appreciate loud noises or lots of people or cats in their space. If you’re wanting to socialize your new puppy; make sure all puppies have their second set of shots and that the owners are there to monitor their dogs. This is a great time to work on puppy manners!



What can I do to Decorate?

Think about your theme! If it’s your pet’s birthday, think about using pictures of your pet for place mats, party hats, and balloons! Find some paw print decorations and be sure to grab some animal inspired invitations! If you’re going for more of a comfy cat theme, think about setting out big fluffy pillows and beds. Also be sure to set out water dishes for thirsty guests!

Click Here to visit Bark Talk for some great decorations including custom embroidered bandanas!



What’s on the menu?

So many pet bakeries have popped up in the last few years that carry a wide variety of specialty cakes and cookies. This is the perfect place to start your party shopping! Most of these bakeries can create designer cakes for your pet for any occasion and their shelves are stocked with all sorts of treats and goody bags! After seeing all of the selection, you might want to stop at the grocery store on your way home to pick up some treats for yourself!

Click Here to visit Big Dog Little Dog, a local Pet Bakery right here in Vancouver!



What Games should we play?

Consider pet safety when choosing toys and games for your pet party. Make sure the games don’t involve any small pieces that your pet could swallow and be careful that your guests are behaving themselves. It’s a good idea to take breaks in between games as well so your critters aren’t getting too riled up!

Here are some ideas for some fun, pet inspired games:

  • Musical Mats – Like musical chairs but with floor mats. Once the music stops, get your dog to sit on a mat!
  • Make your own Pet-Pinata – filled with treats and toys! Click Here to visit Dog Birthday Parties for more instructions!
  • DVD’s specifically made for dogs and cats to enjoy!Click Here to visit Cat TV for more information!
  • Talent show – Let your pets strut their stuff and show off the tricks they know!

What can they take home?

Make some Pet goodie bags filled with toys and treats. You can also have something for the owners to enjoy as well such as designer leashes, animal themed candies, soaps and more! Make it fun so that you may inspire other pet owners to throw a party of their own!

Now that your fantastic pet party is over, you wont be able to wait until next year to throw another one…so don’t! “National Puppy Day” is almost here after all!

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