Unleash your True Potential!

Recently, I decided to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: Go to school to become a certified Dog trainer!


I fell in love with Dog behavior and training years ago while employed in dog daycares. From that point on, I decided to learn all I could about these clever canines. I began working with Dogs in many different areas from walking, to massage therapy, to trick training. That’s when I discovered my true passion is to work with Dogs for the rest of my life!

Upon moving to Vancouver and starting Critter Gal I began looking around for different courses and seminars that would further my canine education. That’s when I found Dog Stars Vancouver.


Dog Stars Vancouver, run by Georgina Bradley, is a training facility offering puppy obedience, acting and many other classes for canines and canine enthusiasts. They also offer an amazing dog trainer certification course!


Since I had been thinking about becoming a dog trainer, when I saw that Dog Stars covered animal acting and training for film, I just couldn’t say no! With my own background in film (a diploma in film production and work on various film projects) and a love of canine trick training, this course was definitely for me.

Meeka the Chihuahua

I worked with a Chihuahua named Meeka and we did fantastic! She picked up new behaviors quickly and was always happy to please. I learned so much about the language of Dogs, basic obedience, acting, and clicker training in no time at all!


Taking steps to making your dreams a reality can be a little daunting but when it’s something you’re so passionate about, it’s definitely worth it! I’m so lucky that, everyday, I get to unleash my talents as a Certified Dog Trainer!

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