Valentines Day Critter Style!

Valentines Day is a time to show your love and affection towards the ones that are closest to you. This means your pet as well! Here are some ideas on how you can pamper your pet during this sentimental season!



Sweet Treats

Real chocolate is harmful to our pets but Carob isn’t. Carob is similar to chocolate in color and texture but doesn’t contain Theobromine (the ingredient found in chocolate that is harmful to some animals). You can buy it in powdered and chip form to use in regular baking just like chocolate! So pick up your pets favorite treats and dip them in some melted Carob chips for a valentines treat they’re sure to love!



Bottle of Bubbly

Valentines Day is a great excuse to break out the champagne and wine so why not do the same for fido? Small Pet Mall offers pet toys shaped like bottles of your favorite bubbly so you don’t have to worry about sharing!

If you don’t want to leave Fido out of the fun, pick up some wine from Bark Vineyards! They offer pet-friendly flavors like “Savignon Bark” (Chicken and Vegetable) to ensure you and your pet can enjoy Valentines Day in style!



Spaw day

Feel like treating your critter to something a little more luxurious? Try giving them a relaxing bubble bath with some pet-friendly bubble bath, shampoo, and aromatherapy! You can find a great selection of all-natural pet spa products at Tropiclean!



Spaw Treatment

If the bubble bath wasn’t enough, finish it off with a pedicure! Keeping your pets nail trimmed and clean will make them feel wonderful! Apply balm to the pads of their feet to keep them from getting too dry and cracked. When you’re finished, try painting their nails with Pet Pawlish! You can find your critters color of pet-perfect nail polish at Upscale Pup!



Lights, Camera, Action!

Now that you’re pet is looking and feeling fantastic, why not bring them in for some shots? Camera shots that is! Many photography studios offer photo packages for pets so they can feel like a star! It’s super cute and makes a great gift!


It’s fun to have a special day with your critter so plan something exciting for the both of you to do every Valentines Day and it’ll have you falling in love all over again!

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