Reliable Recall Workshop

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Class Start Date: 28 Feb 2023 - 07:00 PM

This workshop runs for one night only, from 7-8pm, on the listed start date.

Class Location: Uptown Dawg- Port Moody in Port Moody

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

1 hour Recall Workshop + take home a 15ft Long Line dog leash!

Are you nervous to let your dog off leash, outdoors? Does your dog only listen to your come commands some of the time? Do they love to play a game of chase when you get out your leash?

This hour long workshop focuses solely on getting your dog to come when called.

We cover:
-recall with with distance
-recall with sight and sound distractions
-recall while in motion
-off-leash recall
-recall games
-emergency recall with distractions
-finishing with a sit for safety and completion
-building a positive relationship with your dog

Please bring your regular walking leash. A 15ft Long Line dog leash for you to take home, is included!

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