Private Training


One Session = $65 at my Training Centre OR $85 in home

One session is great if you’ve done dog training before and would like a refresher or if you have a well mannered dog and are looking for a fun way to challenge them and keep them busy. One session can also be a great way to prepare your dog before joining a group training class! Note: Sessions normally run about 1 hour


Three Sessions = $185 at my Training Centre OR $245 in home    (Save $10!)

Three sessions are perfect for those looking to start their dogs off on the right foot! If you have some time to work with your dog on a handful of obedience or manner issues, it’s a good place to begin. If you’ve never done training before or its just been awhile, this is a great option!


Five Sessions = $300 at my Training Centre OR $400 in home    (Save $25!)

Five sessions are a great way to begin training your dog if you don’t have a lot of dog experience or if your dog has some more intense behaviour issues. Sessions can be spread out every couple weeks so you have time to work with your dog and learn at your own pace! This is a perfect choice for new owners, or teaching old dogs new tricks!

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