Puppy Classes


At Critter Gal, our Puppy Obedience and Socialization classes are all about preparing your young pup for life! Socialization is a very important part of puppy development and we make sure that it is done correctly! This class is also an introduction to basic obedience and manners so that your dog will be on the right track to becoming the perfect pet!

To find out what class dates and times are available, check out the “How Do I Sign-Up” Section at the bottom of this page. Dates and Times for upcoming classes are listed there in the registration form.

If you can’t attend any of the listed classes due to scheduling conflicts, send me a message detailing your preferred schedule times and I will let you know when there is an upcoming class that might fit your needs. Alternatively you can also look at my Private One-on-One Training options.

Classes are held at Bosley’s by Pet Valu (20202 66 ave #375, Langley. Next to Booster Juice)

Classes are held at Bubbles n Barks Pet Care (9939, Ladner Trunk Road, Delta)

Classes are held at Uptown Dawg (2615 Murray St. Port Moody)

Class Goals:
-Puppy Socialization
-Building Puppy’s confidence
-Basic Puppy Manners
-Helping owners to better understand puppy behavior, body language, and development
-Give owners tools to communicate and live harmoniously with their pet.

Class format:
Week 1:
This class primarily focuses on puppy socialization and training introduction. Pups will have the opportunity to learn basic socialization skills from each other in a safe and controlled environment while owners have the chance to learn about the techniques involved in training.

Week 2-4:
These classes will include:
-Questions and answers, review and practice time for previously learned behaviors and topics.
-Additional tips such as information on puppy development, puppy management techniques, body language, and emotional growth.
-Puppy play and socialization
-Desensitization exercises to introduce puppies to foreign sights, sounds, people, and situations in order to prepare them for the world around them.
-Basic behaviors every puppy should know including: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Walking on Leash, Drop it, as well as fun tricks to dazzle your friends and family!
-Information on common Problem Behaviors such as mouthing, chewing and jumping.
-A final graduation complete with your puppy’s certificate of completion!

Puppy Obedience and Socialization Class = $180 including tax for 4 weeks (1 hour class/week)

To register in an upcoming class, select your desired class date below and fill out the form that follows.

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If you have additional questions, drop me a line at my Contact Page!